Timeline of remarkable things that happened in the history of MQO

  1. HTMLGATE - You could inject code in the chat, which made the chat go completely crazy a good night until Sios woke up and fixed it.
  2. The legends Thunda and Cheze got perm banned from MQO.
  3. xxx
  4. NA RAZE. Mystical razed an old top kingdom. New Antigua
  5. xxxx
  6. HnB RAZE. Boxie razed a mediocre kingdom to get revenge on Mystical.
  7. xxxx
  8. 10-07-2017 - MTC Raze. Oli left MTC so HeavensAllow decided to raze it. RIP Selling
  9. 20-11-2107 - T5 ore prices temporarily go absolutely bananas.
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