Magic elements (street names: ME, magic dust, cocaine, boxie's powder, oli oli oxen blow) is a unique type of currency used in many different ways throughout the game.

Getting Magic elements

Magic elements can be acquired in a variety of ways:

  • Global drop from tradeskilling, amount is variable and based on your global level.
  • Disenchanting/selling gear with enchants on it. Can be done using the bulk sell feature.
  • Keys can give 2.5k (common), 5k (uncommon), 15k (rare), or 25k (legendary) magic elements.
  • Naval treasure expeditions can being back varying quantities of ME based on SP points used.
  • Purchased from the market.

Using Magic elements

Magic elements were first implemented for use in enchanting, but subsequent updates gave them expanded use in naval expeditions and buildings on personal islands.

  • Enchanting equipment takes ME that scales based on the level of the enchant and the tier of the equipment.
  • Upgrading the sail for naval expedition boosts.
  • Building on the personal island (except gambler's hut and beacon).
  • Merging islands together (25m ME per merge)
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