The map is where you can navigate and explore MQO

Navigating the Map Edit

To move around the map you simply click your destination tile, and wait to move again. It can be a little slow when you first start the game however, if you level up your scouting trade skill, it becomes much smoother. This is because as you progress through scouting, your travel time is reduced, and you can zoom out on the map to travel quicker. When travelling you may notice a red number on the tiles, this simply tells you how many players are on that specific tile.

Scouting also unlocks various useful map quality of life improvements at every milestone up to lvl 400.

Warp Slots Edit

The 5 Warp Slots can be purchased for the price of 1m, 5m, 25m, 50m, and finally 100m. These warp slots allow you to place a warp on the tile you are currently on. This can be extremely useful if you know you'll have to travel across the map frequently for any reason.

Tiles Edit

There are 5 different types of tiles in MQO. Each tile represents a different trade skill that can be done on it.

Grey tiles are for mining

Green tiles are for logging

Yellow tiles are for gathering

Blue tiles are for fishing

Brown tiles are for selling

Scouting, is special as it can be done on any tile.

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