Relics are a special item that can be traded on the market or used to increase a specific trade skill. You can find them through random global drops, tournaments, scouting or through using a key.

Relics can be invested into specific tradeskills by going into the action menu for that specific trade skill. The cost per single unit goes up by 1 relic for every unit purchased. Bulk purchases cost the same as buying them on a 1 by 1 basis.

You can invest them as follows:

Experience: Edit

Increases experience for every action performed while using this tradeskill by 0.2 per investment. Best to invest to X.6 due to rounding as of right now.

Resources: Edit

Increases T1 resources gained by 0.01 per investment (before applying other boosts multipliers). Increases T2 to T5 resources gained with diminishing returns.

After your tradeskill reaches level 1800, Relic bonus% = (Level^1.15) / 5500 * (relic cost per investment - 1)

Workload: Edit

The simplest relic investment, adds +3 to your workload per investment. More idle time, if that's what you like.

Drop +: Edit

Adds (multiplicative) 0.5% to the item log drop rate per investment. For instance, if you had Item Log Drop Chance  + 100 %, (which costs 80,200 relics to invest to that level), and the item log drop rate was 1/100, it would now be 2/100.

Res. Luck: Edit

Adds a % chance to each tier to find resources of each tier per investment, with diminishing returns at higher tiers. For instance, +6% Res luck gives T1 6%, T2 4%, T3 2.7%, T4 1.8% and T5 1.2%. This stacks with any kingdom bonus.

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