Tournaments are tradeskill specific, global events where any individual may participate and compete for relic and equipment rewards. A global notification will appear 5 minutes before a tournament starts. Additionally, there will be a count down timer on the right side of the screen. Tournaments are started at random, but no sooner than 5 minutes after a tournament has ended and no later than 12 hours after the last tournament. The exception is when a special event is going on, during which players may use tokens to start tournaments with no limitation on how recently the last tournament was completed.


Once the tournament starts that timer will show the time remaining in the tournament starting at 1200 seconds (20 minutes total). The goal is to acquire as many points as possible during these 20 minutes.


Points are acquired through RNG by performing actions of the specific tradeskill the tourney is based on. The rate for receiving a point is 10% and this rate is not influenced by level or any boosts giving a fair chance to all players. However, since the accumulation of points is determined by actions, having an action bar timer greater than 5 seconds (< 250 combined tradeskill level and work force enchant total) will put a player at a disadvantage. Finding a tourney point rewards the player with bonus experience (base +50). This experience can be increased using the scroll unlocked enchant tourney exp+ up to a max of 150 (+100 from enchant).

Clicking the tournament tab on the main page will bring you to the tournament page where the top 3 leaderboard is shown and updated in real time. Additionally, the top 1, 2, 3, and participation prizes are shown.


In addition to the prizes, every player who participated get an additional relic for every 2 tournament points they acquire. For example, not placing in the top 3 gives 18 relics, but with the accumulation of 28 tourney points an additional 14 relics are received for a total of 32.

Placing in the top 3 of a tournament adds a "tournament won" tally to your account page. There are two titles associated with tournaments: 1) Winner (5 tournaments in the top 3), and 2) Victor (50 tournaments in the top 3).

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